Release Notes

Overall purpose

Release 1.1 contains new functionality, minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

New functionality

Release 1.1 has introduced a number of exciting new features to SmarterWX. The following list is far from exhaustive but includes information on some of the bigger features.

  • The Data Publishing Process has been updated to provide a simpler user experience. Based on feedback from users we identified some changes to the publishing process to improve the experience.
    • Introduce a “wizard”-style interface to guide the publisher through the process.
    • Allow partial uploads to modify existing data without deleting records.
    • Option to automatically add new users for uploaded project owners.
    • Check out this video guide for a walkthrough of the new upload process.
  • An organisation can define a set of Custom Fields to be uploaded with your data (for example, internal project codes). These custom fields will be displayed on the map popup and details view for your organisation’s projects and exclusion zones. Custom fields are not visible to other organisations.
  • Additional privacy options to limit sharing of data outside your organisation.
    • Individual projects and exclusion zones can be marked as private meaning they will be invisible to other organisations.
    • An Administrator can choose to completely block visibility of data to a selected organisation. Blocks are always bi-directional.
  • Administrator can load users in bulk from a CSV file.
  • Turn on Local Government boundaries on the map view.

Data format changes

The data formats for file upload have been modified slightly for Release 1.1. Full details of the data format can be found here. The highlights of these changes are: –

  • Removal of the Works Stage attribute on Projects. This is no longer required. Data with this attribute will continue to load but values will be ignored.
  • Introduction of SEWERAGE as a Works Classification.
  • Changed Status name from STARTED to CONSTRUCTION to represent projects that are in progress. Any project loaded with the value STARTED will continue to work but will be mapped to CONSTRUCTION for display.
  • Addition of an optional “Private” attribute on Projects and Exclusion Zones. Any record with Private set to TRUE will hidden from view for other organisations.  (Full details on data privacy can be found here).
  • Addition of optional Custom Fields. For a full explanation see the Custom Fields help topic.

Defects addressed with this release

Release 1.1 has addressed a number of defects identified in previous releases. The following list is not exhaustive but includes issues raised by users.

  • SS-646 – Intermittent issue with zoom to feature from details view.
  • SS-651 – Loading a MapInfo TAB file with empty rows caused data load to be rejected. (Will now accept the file but ignore the empty rows).
  • SS-668 – When launching the application from the iWORCS page, some options is missing (SOCC Users Only).
  • SS-731 – The list of opportunities shown on the “My Opportunities” page was showing all for user’s organisation.
  • SS-773 – Search would not return Exclusion Zone Conflicts for some users.
  • SS-780 – Could not display more than 20 users in search filter.
  • SS-787 – Hyperlinks in emails would not display map.
  • SS-818 – Opportunity matching process fails under some circumstances when uploaded data geometry has duplicate identical vertices.
  • Various – A number of minor visual layout issues have been addressed to increase consistency throughout SmarterWX.

Known issues with this release

  • SS-815 – User is unable to replace the data in a published dataset once loaded. Must create new dataset and redo.