Release Notes

Overall purpose

Release 1.2 contains new functionality, minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

New functionality

Release 1.2 has introduced a number of exciting new features to SmarterWX. The following list is far from exhaustive but includes information on some of the more significant features.

  • Custom default view – Save a search favourite and mark is as your personal default. Whenever you open SmarterWX the search will show your preferred area and filter configuration.
  • Watch list moved to feed– In response to user feedback and to promote consistency, the “My Watches” list is now part of the feed instead of part of the AOI editor.
  • Manual data editing – The data publisher is able to make changes to field values on projects and exclusion zones and re-publish. This is particularly useful for making quick changes to project statuses and dates.
  • Preview opportunities before publishing – As part of the data publishing process, the publisher is able to inspect the opportunities and conflicts before they are created. This extends the analysis step to be able to view each individual opportunity without publishing.
  • Third-party authentication – SmarterWX can be configured to use your organisation’s own identity provider (e.g. Active Directory). Using single sign-on, users will have the same password for SmarterWX and their main account and the IT administrators can control role access.
  • Display notices to your users – An administrator can create notices to be displayed to users when they login. This is useful for giving updates on data refreshes and helpful tips for your users.
  • Data export – Users can export their search results to a data file for use in other applications.
  • Custom basemap – An organisation can now define its own basemap to display under the SmarterWX data – this offers an alternative to the standard satellite and streets maps.
  • GIS service integration – Data from SmarterWX can be displayed within external GIS viewers allowing you to create your own maps overlaid with data from SmarterWX.
  • Undeliverable emails – If SmarterWX receives a bounce back when sending an email the organisation primary contact will be informed. This highlights where a user has left the company but might still own projects in SmarterWX.

New login page

As SmarterWX continues to be promoted across Australia the page has been updated to include promotional content. The login form is now at the top-right-hand corner of the page.

Data format changes

The data formats for file upload have been modified slightly for Release 1.2. Full details of the data format can be found here. The highlights of these changes are: –

  • Introduction of new Works Classification options: –
    • Bikeway, Structures, Fencing, Kerb/Channel, Medians, Traffic Management, Transport Management, Waterway.

Defects addressed with this release

Release 1.2 has addressed a number of defects identified in previous releases. The following list is not exhaustive but includes issues raised by users.

  • SS-572 – Highlight map item when hovering over search results list.
  • SS-719 – Organisation administrator cannot re-send invite email to users.
  • SS-825 – Organisation administrator needs to see last login date for users.
  • SS-848 – Sort/filter options do not work on user management list.
  • SS-850 – Some fields missing from Group Monitoring Report.
  • SS-858 – Map popup appears off the map when clicking on large features.
  • SS-871 – Various issues related to use on a smartphone style display.
  • SS-883 – Changing search filters does not trigger search until menu closes.
  • Various – A number of presentation issues relating specifically to Internet Explorer 11 are resolved.
  • Various – A number of minor visual layout issues have been addressed to increase consistency throughout SmarterWX.

Known issues with this release

  • SS-785 – Loading very large features (e.g. 100km pipeline) can cause display issues for the SmarterWX map. Recommendation: Projects and exclusion zones should be broken up into smaller sections to give a better display experience.