Release Notes

Overall purpose

Release 1.3 contains minor bug fixes, performance improvements and some search changes based on user feedback.

New functionality

Release 1.3 has introduced a number of new features to SmarterWX. The following list includes information on the most significant features.

  • Click to Search – Following user feedback we have removed the “auto-search” feature when the map is panned or zoomed. There is now a button shown on the map with the words “Map has moved. Click to reload.” The map will not trigger a new search until you click on this button.

  • Reassign Work – Prior to 1.3 it was not possible for an administrator to disable a user who was connected to Projects or Exclusion Zones. When attempting to do this you would be shown a message saying something like “User is contact for 23 projects.” Release 1.3  now displays a dialog box asking you to choose a user to reassign the projects and exclusion zones to. (As with any edits applied to the data within SmarterWX be sure to update your own records so that the next data upload is correct).

Data Publishing Performance

Changes have been made to the Opportunity Identification process used in the Analysis and Publishing steps of data load. It was found that multi-part polygons stretching across very large distances could cause a big spike in processing times. In some circumstances the processing time could stretch into several minutes.

Release 1.3 has introduced a new approach to the identification of opportunities leading to vastly improved performance. In some circumstances the processing for the Analysis step has been cut to 1/100th of the previous time. Similar improvements apply to the publishing step.

As part of this change you might see very small differences in the shape of the opportunity buffers shown around your project matches.

Data format changes

The data formats for file upload have been modified slightly for Release 1.3 to include some new Works Classifications.

  • Introduction of new Works Classification options: –
    • Bridges, Drainage.

Minor issues addressed with this release

Release 1.3 has addressed a number of minor issues identified in previous releases. The following list is not exhaustive but includes issues raised by users.

  • SWX-5 – Do not show non-overlapping organisations in search drop down list.
  • SWX-7 – Reduce size of data returned from search operation to speed up searching.
  • Disable Auto-Play on SmarterWX introductory video on login screen.
  • Various – A number of minor visual layout issues have been addressed to increase consistency throughout SmarterWX.
  • Help – added missing help topic for opportunity notes.

Known issues with this release

  • SWX-1 – The dialog for creating an Area of Interest is badly formatted in Safari on MacOS.
    Recommendation: When creating or editing areas of interest use a different browser.

Enhancement requests

  • If you have any ideas for enhancements or improvements for SmarterWX, please send your ideas to our support team.