Release Notes

Release 1.4 went live on 20th November 2017.

Overall purpose

Release 1.4 contains minor bug fixes, performance improvements and some search changes based on user feedback.

New functionality

Release 1.4 has introduced a number of new features to SmarterWX. The following list includes information on the most significant features.

  • Reporting – A new report has been added allowing an organisation administrator to report on their users’ activity. Reports for opportunities and projects have been updated to clarify savings.
  • Emails – Emails have been updated to include direct hyperlinks to the relevant item (e.g. project).
  • Lines of Interest – The user is now able to create AOIs by drawing a line instead of a polygon. This is to allow for cases where a user wishes to track planned activities along a roadway.
  • List – Map Linkage – The linkage between items shown in the list and the accompanying map have been improved. The user can choose to limit the list view to match the map extent for all lists.
  • Multi-Feature Popups – When clicking on a map in an area where there are multiple features, the popup will allow the user to step through the features.

Data format changes

There are no changes to the data formats for this release.

Minor issues addressed with this release

Release 1.4 has addressed a number of minor issues identified in previous releases. The following list is not exhaustive but includes issues raised by users.

  • SWX-8 – Correct hyperlinks in opportunity emails (Randwick).
  • SWX-11 – Add popups to Areas of Interest map (Sydney Water).
  • SWX-20 – Remove map from pages where it is not used (e.g. org admin).
  • SWX-21 – Add hyperlink from opportunity summary to details report. (Opportunity and project reports have also been updated to reflect issues with savings on multiple projects).
  • SWX-31 – Group lead monitoring report is not available (SOCC).
  • SWX-41 – “Export items” dialog does not make it clear what is downloaded.
  • SWX-45 – Add multiple users displays multiple download boxes.
  • SWX-65 – Restrict available project re-assignment user list (Sydney Water)

Next planned release

A major release (SmarterWX 2.0) is scheduled for Q1 2018. The functionality to be included will be communicated over the coming months. Some of the big-ticket items are:

  • Data Integration – Use existing GIS services as a projects data source (instead of upload).
  • Public API – SmarterWX will have a supported API allowing developers to automate data maintenance etc.
  • In-App Project Creation – Users will be able to create projects/exclusion zones directly within the SmarterWX app with no need to upload data.
  • More to follow!

Enhancement requests

  • If you have any ideas for enhancements or improvements for SmarterWX, please submit your ideas through our enhancement form.

How to videos

We have recently added a series of five How To Videos to the SmarterWX YouTube page. We’ll keep adding videos to this page so please do subscribe or check back regularly.