SmarterWX 2.0 Update: Launched on 6 March 2018

A major update to SmarterWX was released in March 2018 bringing new features such as Live Connect, CSV file uploads, new compact email formats and Planiter™ integration. We also included a number of enhancements based directly on user feedback received since SmarterWX launched last year.

Live Connect

Live Connect

Live Connect is a whole new way of keeping your project and exclusion zone data up-to-date in SmarterWX. Rather than exporting your data and then uploading a data file, you can now create a direct connection to your ArcGIS Feature Service. Based on your chosen schedule SmarterWX will query your feature service for the latest data and automatically update your projects and exclusion zones.

SmarterWX 2.0 allows you to use any ArcGIS Feature Service whether it be on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. An upcoming release will add OGC WFS (Open Geospatial Consortium Web Feature Services) as an additional option for Live Connect.

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CSV File Uploads

CSV Upload

We’ve added a new file type for loading Projects and Exclusion Zones – CSV (comma separated values). This has been added in response to those organisations asking for a way of loading data when you don’t have a GIS or can’t easily create a spatial data file. When loading data using a CSV file you include the latitude and longitude of each project as well the size of the project area (radius) along with the usual data fields.

Loading Points and Lines

Before SmarterWX 2.0, all projects and exclusion zones had to be loaded as polygons. Now you can create projects and exclusion zones from line or point features. When uploading points or lines include the new “BufferDist” column in your data to specify the buffer to apply to your data in metres.

Show your Areas of Interest on search map

AOI Toggle

A common enhancement request was to show the outlines of your Areas of Interest in the background of the search map. Once you’ve created your AOIs, switch back to the Search map, open the Map Preferences and you will find a new Areas of Interest toggle. Including your AOIs on the search map allows you to quickly identify where projects or exclusion zones exist within your area of interest.

Developer’s API

Developers API

Developers can now write custom tools for publishing, editing and viewing data, user synchronisation and more. The SmarterWX Developer’s API provides the capability to manage users, projects and exclusion zones as well as query and retrieve data.

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Planiter™ Integration

Planiter Logo

We’re excited to announce the integration of Planiter’s aggregated planning information from across Australia’s local councils, allowing users to search for development applications in the vicinity of your planned works or to research areas of development activity to help inform your planning process. (Additional functionality – such as tracking all development applications for an area of interest – is available for subscribers of the Planiter web application).

Access to Planiter’s information is free for all users for three months starting shortly after the release of SmarterWX 2.0. We’d love to hear your feedback on the application of Planiter data in planning processes.

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Additional Enhancements

And there’s more …

  • Additional email preferences in your User Profile to be notified when someone adds notes or archives one of your items and to be cc’d on any conversation messages you send. These are all defaulted to off. Go to “Edit Profile” to update them.
  • Guided tours for new users to get to know SmarterWX. These will appear for each major feature area and step you through the key parts of the user interface.
  • New improved condensed email format for opportunities and exclusion zones. Now that we’re generating a lot of opportunities on a regular basis, the emails have been updated to fit more information into less space.
  • A new reporting engine. We are going to introduce some exciting new report options over the coming months. To support this we’ve replaced our reporting engine. As a result you will notice some small changes to the existing reports.
  • Performance improvements. The time taken to return search results has been significantly improved and the analyse and publish operations have also been sped up.
  • A number of bug fixes and user interface improvements.

Your feedback is important to us. Please send any suggestions, issues or accolades to the SmarterWX support team.