Customised statuses on projects

In SmarterWX Collaborate, projects and opportunities can be listed as one of 5 statuses: Proposed, Confirmed, Construction, Closed, Abandoned. Enabling organisations to set their own statuses may deliver a more streamlined and efficient service for customers.

Notifications of new organisations using SmarterWX

Receive a notification whenever a new organisation joins SmarterWX Collaborate where their area of operation overlaps or neighbours your own. Keeps you aware of who is sharing data with who.

OGC WFS Live Connect Uploads

Providing the option to use the Open Geospatial Consortium standards to Live Connect to your GIS through web services as a way of syncing data, rather than uploading.

Recurring Exclusion Zones

Allow an exclusion zone to be marked as recurring on a schedule. This could cover activities such as a monthly farmers’ market.

Report on Works by Time

Request is to be able to produce a report showing all visible works that are planned grouped by month. This can be useful for levelling demand between councils.