SmarterWX Collaborate helps with capital works planning

The SmarterWX Collaborate application provides a central record of planned works to assist in the future planning, scheduling, and coordination of activities between participating organisations.

Its purpose is to improve collaboration between councils, utilities, and state government agencies and to minimise the cost and disruption of road works while addressing community concerns over multiple excavations of a road by different project teams.

In a typical scenario, such as repairing a water main, SmarterWX Collaborate could prevent situations where large sums of money were spent to excavate and reinstate a road, soon after the road was resurfaced for maintenance.

By sharing information via SmarterWX Collaborate, councils, utilities, and other organisations, can schedule works projects to ensure efforts can be coordinated, road reinstatement costs can be shared, and the disruption to the community can be minimised.

Getting Started Guides

Using SmarterWX Collaborate is easy

Each organisation manages their capital works by uploading their project data into SmarterWX Collaborate .

Once the data is published within the application, it instantly becomes viewable by all participating organisations. Project owners can also upload data on exclusion zones.

Exclusion zones are areas where projects cannot occur during a certain period, for example during public events such as a fun run, parade, or community festival.

Users can set exclusion zones around a specified area at a certain time to either inform government stakeholders of a scheduled event, or to prevent utilities and/or private groups from scheduling work within the event zone.

Once the data is uploaded to the system, SmarterWX Collaborate intuitively identifies works programs occupying the same space and time range as other scheduled projects.

Based on matching rules, SmarterWX Collaborate identifies schedule conflicts and vacancies and notifies all relevant project owners via an alert, allowing for smoother communication and collaboration between stakeholders.

SmarterWX Collaborate benefits you and the community

SmarterWX Collaborate provides councils and utilities with the opportunity to adopt a best practice approach to capital works management – one that puts community stakeholders first.

By incorporating SmarterWX Collaborate into the planning stage of capital works projects, the insight generated by the application helps to:

  • Facilitate better co-ordination between underground utility works, avoiding damage to other underground services
  • Minimise the impact of underground utility works on both natural and built environments
  • Minimise interference to traffic and pedestrian flow caused by road openings for the installation, operation and maintenance of utility services;

SmarterWX Collaborate also helps project planners and decision-makers, by reducing:

  • Duplication of remediation efforts
  • The overall cost of public works programs
  • Disruption to the community
  • The impact of works on the lifecycle of the road network