Emails are important in SmarterWX. Emails are used to notify users when new opportunities are found and for sending instant messages between users. If SmarterWX encounters a problem delivering an email (such as the recipient email address no longer exists), emails will stop being sent to this address until the user or an administrator rectifies the problem.

This will be notified in a number of ways.

  1. When the user logs in they will be shown a popup dialog box informing them that there has been a problem with their email.
  2. When the user views their profile settings they will see a button marked “Re-Enable Emails” and the message “Emails are currently disabled”.
  3. The Organisation’s Primary Contact will receive an email informing them that emails are bouncing for one of their users.
  4. An Organisation Administrator will see the “Bounced Email” warning displayed on the user’s details in the “Organisation Users” list.


If this is a transient problem and you are confident that emails will not continue to bounce you can re-enable emails by clicking on the “Re-Enable Emails” button. Or the administrator can click on the “Bounced Email” warning to re-enable email sending.

Should the email address be no longer valid, you will need to delete the user from SmarterWX.