The daily summary is an email notification sent once a day to let you know how many DBYD referrals you got the day before, how many were responded and the delivery status of each response.

Referral and response summary

The referral and response summary indicates the volume of referrals that were received yesterday and also how many responses were sent.

  • Referrals received – The number of DBYD referrals received yesterday
  • Responses sent – The number of responses sent to DBYD yesterday.

If using Handoff for review, there may be some responses pending manual review. Both released responses and any pending will be indicated.

Tip: Use the View in SmarterWX Automate link to launch SmarterWX to interact with this information by viewing referrals on the search map, or to viewing responses in the response history.

Activity summary

The activity summary indicates the activities that have taken place the previous day in response to DBYD referrals being received by SmarterWX Automate and based on your rule configuration.

  • Notifications issued – The number of enquiry notifications issued for information purposes as a result of a ‘Notify user’ action.
  • Records written to GIS – The number of enquiry features written to an external GIS application as a result of a ‘Write to GIS’ action.
  • Watch area alerts issued – The number of watch area notifications sent due to enquiries intersecting one or more configured watch areas.

Referral list

The referral list contains the individual details of each referral received for the previous day. This is useful for audit purposes.

  • Referral – The unique DBYD referral number.
  • Enquirer – The enquirer’s first and last name.
  • Status – Delivery status as reported by DBYD NextGen.

Tip: Click the email status to go directly to the response in SmarterWX Automate. If ever a response is marked as Undelivered, you can perform a ‘Resend’ action to attempt to send the response again.