You are able to edit the following fields within your user profile:

  • Avatar Icon
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email preferences
  • Password

To edit your details, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the avatar (solid blue circle with your initials) in the top right-hand corner of your web browser
  2. Select Edit Profile from the menu
  3. Ensure that your First and Last Name has been entered correctly
  4. Enter a Primary Phone Number

Email preferences determine how often you receive emails from SmarterWX. The four email setting options are:

  • On Every Event –  each event will trigger a separate email
  • Daily Digest – you will receive at most one email per day
  • Weekly Digest – you will receive at most one email per week
  • No emailsno emails will be sent if this option is selected. Ensure you check your Activity Feed regularly when using this option.

5. For each email preference, select the appropriate option:

  • Message from other users
  • Watched item is updated
  • Area of interest activity
  • Opportunity is created or updated
  • Conflict is created or updated
  • Conversation message is sent
  • Opportunity or conflict is archived
  • Notes added to project or exclusion zone

Email Preferences

Note: Align your choices to your business processes and personal preferences

6. Optional: Click on your avatar to select an image or photo.

7. Click the Update Profile button