Data Upload

Live Connect copies data from an ArcGIS Feature Layer. This supports either ArcGIS Online hosted feature services or ArcGIS Server Feature Services.

For ArcGIS Server, the minimum version is Release 10.4 (February 2016).

SmarterWX will access your server both from the browser and from the SmarterWX cloud. Your server must have external web access enabled.

SmarterWX uses polygons to represent the region of a capital works project or exclusion zone. If you represent your data as points or lines you can still load it into SmarterWX. SmarterWX will automatically convert your data to polygons when it is loaded.

By default all points or lines will be buffered by a radius of 20m when loaded.

If you would like to choose your own buffer distance include the attribute BufferDist in your dataset for each feature. The BufferDist must be a numeric value between 1m and 50m. Any feature that does not have a value for BufferDist will be allocated the default value.

The matching rules are one part of a “workspace”. A workspace is a combination of project data, exclusion zone data and matching rules. The rules can only be set as part of publishing a workspace.

Having said that you can publish a new workspace (allowing you to apply new matching rules) by duplicating the existing data. You can choose to keep existing live data rather than uploading new files.

To do this, from the Data page. Select the existing live workspace “clone” option. As you step through the wizard, choose to keep existing data. Then you can change the rules and analyse/publish.

The process of publishing  workspace is computationally intensive and results in a raft of notifications being sent out to users. This is why we don’t allow matching rules to be changed independently of a workspace.

SmarterWX does not limit the size of the geographic features that you can load.

However, we recommend that you avoid loading features that are very large or contain very large numbers of vertices. This will slow down your viewing experience on the SmarterWX map due to the volume of data to be loaded into the browser.

You may wish to break up large shapes into a series of smaller projects or exclusion zones.

Note that SmarterWX applies some basic simplification to the data you load to remove polygon vertices closer than 1m apart. Given the purpose of SmarterWX, any detail more accurate than 1m is redundant.

As a general rule we would recommend no more than 1000 vertices on a single shape and for a single shape to be no larger than a typical metropolitan local government area.

The shapefile format is a popular geospatial vector data format for storing and transferring spatial data. You can upload shapefiles for  your construction project and exclusion zone data.

A shapefile is actually made up of a number of different files stored together in a folder. Before uploading to SmarterWX you must add this collection of files to a compressed ZIP file.

Each upload must contain only one layer – either construction projects or exclusion zones. If you upload a file containing more than one layer you will see an error like “File collection contains multiple layers – must contain exactly one”.

The ZIP file must contain as a minimum the following file types: –

  • *.shp
  • *.shx
  • *.dbf

If your ZIP file doesn’t contain all of these files you will see an error like “File collection does not contain all necessary files”.

Error Messages

This error message will be shown when uploading a projects file if an entry in the WorksClass field is not allowed. The error message will include the Source ID of the record and the value that was found.

The valid list of values for the WorksClass are:

The full list of all fields and valid values can be found in How to Add your Data into SmarterWX.

Fix the value for the WorksClass field and reload your data file.


The error message “Email address does not match any user” will be shown if a record in your uploaded file has an email address that does not belong to a user in your organisation. You must set up all project managers as users before you can upload a project or exclusion zone file containing their email address.

The SourceID field is a unique identifier used by your organisation to identify a particular project or exclusion zone. If the same SourceID is found in an uploaded file for more than one record, the error “SourceID appears more than once” will be displayed.

The end date must be no earlier than the start date for a project or exclusion zone. This error indicates that the end date was found to be before the start date.

SmarterWX will reject any dates that are found to be more than 50 years in the future. This check is used to ensure that mistakes such as the wrong century are detected.

The start and end dates in your data must be valid dates. This error message indicates that the date could not be read.

The error message “Geometry is outside Organisation Region” will be seen when an uploaded feature is not within your organisation’s area of operation. The area of operation is shown as a green dashed outline on the search map.

SmarterWX is quite lenient with uploaded features allowing features to be loaded if any part of the feature is within about 50 meters of your area of operation.

Either correct the feature’s geometry to bring it inside your area of operation or contact the SmarterWX team to have your organisation’s area of operation updated.

The error message “Illegal geometry found – could not validate” is shown when the file uploader has not been able to parse the geometry for a particular feature.

This error is very rare but an example where this could be seen is when a polygon has multiple vertices with the same coordinates.

The error message “Invalid geometry type” will include an indication of the geometry type that was found. For example, “Invalid geometry type – POLYLINE”. All uploaded data should be in POLYGON format.

The error message “Errors occurred when attempting to convert spatial data” will be seen in the spatial data cannot be converted by the uploader. The uploaded data must be POLYGON data and the polygon must not contain any geometry errors.

The error message “File collection contains multiple layers – must contain exactly one” will be shown if an uploaded ZIP file is found to contain multiple data layers. Each ZIP file must contain only one layer – either exclusion zones or projects.

This error message indicates that the uploaded ZIP file does not contain all the necessary files for the selected file type.

The most common cause for this error is if the wrong file type was selected before uploading the file. Check to make sure you have selected the right file type.

Uploading an Esri Shapefile requires as a minimum the SHP, SHX and DBF files.

Uploading a MapInfo TAB file requires as a minimum the TAB and DAT files.

The Esri File Geodatabase is a complex file structure and contains many files.


Planiter data is taken from Local Governments across Australia. The list of available councils continues to grow on a weekly basis. Within SmarterWX, you will find most councils are available in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

The simplest way to check – search for an area. If the map shows development applications, that Local Government is included. If not, they will be added soon.

For more information refer to

Planiter is a premium services available to SmarterWX organisations. It was offered as a free trial to all users for three months following the release of SmarterWX 2.0. If you wish to remove the Planiter functions for all users within your organisation, please contact our support team who will be able to deactivate your trial subscription.

If your organisation has access to the Planiter premium data service, you can choose to have the Planiter data displayed alongside your projects, opportunities etc on the search page.

Once activated, if you wish to disable Planiter data, open the map settings panel at the bottom of the map and click on the “Planiter” logo. When the logo is shown faded out, Planiter is turned off.

Planiter Switch


Customised statuses on projects

In SmarterWX Collaborate, projects and opportunities can be listed as one of 5 statuses: Proposed, Confirmed, Construction, Closed, Abandoned. Enabling organisations to set their own statuses may deliver a more streamlined and efficient service for customers.

Notifications of new organisations using SmarterWX

Receive a notification whenever a new organisation joins SmarterWX Collaborate where their area of operation overlaps or neighbours your own. Keeps you aware of who is sharing data with who.

OGC WFS Live Connect Uploads

Providing the option to use the Open Geospatial Consortium standards to Live Connect to your GIS through web services as a way of syncing data, rather than uploading.

Recurring Exclusion Zones

Allow an exclusion zone to be marked as recurring on a schedule. This could cover activities such as a monthly farmers’ market.

Report on Works by Time

Request is to be able to produce a report showing all visible works that are planned grouped by month. This can be useful for levelling demand between councils.


You cannot change the email address of a user in SmarterWX. The email address is linked to data throughout the system and is the identifier for a user.

To change an email address, you will need to create a new user.

Once you’ve setup the new user and updated projects and exclusion zones to use the new user’s email address, please contact the support team who can permanently remove the old user on your behalf.


Currently the Organisation Administrator cannot remove a user from SmarterWX. You can choose to disable a user to prevent a user from logging in and using the system.

If you need to permanently remove a user from SmarterWX, please contact the support team. If the user is the owner for any projects or exclusion zones please also let us know which user you would like to reallocate the ownership to.

The ability for an Organisation Administrator to delete users will be coming in a future release.

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the “Forgot password?” link on the SmarterWX login page.

You will be sent an email with a link to set a new password.

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