SmarterWX is a portfolio of related products developed for the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries. The SmarterWX products are designed to work together or separately allowing organisations to gradually expand their use of this rich inter-related suite.

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SmarterWX is built first-and-foremost as a geospatial-centric product set. Each product uses the latest geospatial information services (GIS) technology to improve workflows, enable data sharing and integrate to your existing business applications.

The SmarterWX portfolio currently consists of three core applications.

SmarterWX Collaborate

SmarterWX Collaborate provides a secure space for sharing works plans between utilities, councils, road authorities and construction partners. Sharing scheduled activities in the road allows project managers to identify conflicting works leading to reduced community disruption, shared costs and unnecessary duplicated excavation.

Many of Australia’s councils and utilities are already using SmarterWX Collaborate, each loading their planned works into a single shared collaboration space. Project managers are automatically notified as opportunities to work together appear and can keep track of works from right across water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and roads in one place.

SmarterWX Automate

SmarterWX Automate assumes full responsibility for generating responses to Before You Dig enquiries with zero dependency on your internal infrastructure – freeing up internal assets and avoiding the need for 24×7, dedicated enquiry-processing resources.

Updating asset information via scheduled data synchronisation, or through data upload to the SmarterWX cloud, SmarterWX Automate unlocks the value in dig enquiries, transforming this stream of information into a valuable, searchable enterprise asset.

Responses to Before You Dig enquiries are generated in multiple formats — web maps, shape files or PDFs — making information easier to understand and helping to prevent damage to your assets.

SmarterWX Locate

SmarterWX Locate delivers a GIS-centric approach to risk management and safe working near underground assets by collating Before You Dig responses and presenting information through a map-based interface.

This approach helps reduce the time spent managing Before You Dig enquiries and avoids the risk of missing any content. Its presentation of underground asset information on an interactive web map improves understanding of the risks faced by excavators.

Supporting the Before You Dig mission of “zero damage, zero harm” SmarterWX Locate ensures that the right information is made available to the right people at the right time and place.

One Portfolio

The SmarterWX cloud includes a shared identity management platform allowing users to quickly gain access across the different products in the portfolio. Each application is built to inter-operate supporting cross-domain workflows such as matching Before You Dig enquiries with your forward works plans and sharing information from community events to excavators.

SmarterWX Portfolio Roadmap

The SmarterWX portfolio first entered the Australian market in 2017 starting with SmarterWX Collaborate. Since then we have worked closely with our customers to identify your needs and have a team of software developers, user experience designers, testers, and product managers dedicated to continuing development of the portfolio.

It is this level of activity in the development of the SmarterWX portfolio that allows us to react to your needs. Our SmarterWX Enhancements Review Process actively seeks input from our customers and the broader market to set out the short, medium and long-term product roadmaps.

We work on the assumption that a requirement for one customer is likely to be a valuable feature for many. We will actively seek out and encourage you to provide your ideas and feedback for how to extend the SmarterWX portfolio to maximise its value in your organisation.

An example of this, the SmarterWX Automate product was initially created based on demands from our user base for a GIS-centric, 100% cloud, enterprise-wide response automation tool. It has continued to be driven based on ideas and feedback coming directly from existing and new users.