Planiter™ provides aggregated planning information from across many of Australia’s local councils, allowing users to search for development applications in the vicinity of your planned works or to research areas of development activity to help inform your planning process.

Planiter applications can be viewed in SmarterWX in two ways: –

  1. Selecting the Planiter page from the navigation toolbar.
  2. Adding Planiter applications to the main Search map.

Planiter Page

Planiter Page

When the Planiter page first opens, if Development Applications (DAs) are available in the selected area, you will see a cluster view. Each cluster represents a count of how many DAs can be viewed under the cluster symbol. Click on a cluster symbol to zoom in.

Use the filter options at the top of the map to select the type and dates of the Development Applications. (As each local government presents its data differently, not all DAs will have a type. Some local governments only present undecided DAs that are in progress with no decision).

Zooming in further will reveal individual properties marked as having a DA.

Planiter Parcels

The number shown on the Planiter pin symbol indicates the number of DAs that can be viewed for that parcel. An asterisk (*) indicates there are more than 9 available.

Click on a parcel to open the Planiter information panel. Clicking on the hyperlinks on the information panel will take you to the local government’s planning site.

Planiter Data on the Search Map

You can also view the Planiter data alongside projects, opportunities etc on the main search map. To turn on Planiter select the Planiter icon from the map settings panel at the bottom of the map.

Planiter Map Setting

On the search map, Planiter data will only ever be shown when zoomed in on the map. Clusters are not shown – only parcels.

Planiter is a premium subscription service for SmarterWX. (It is offered free for all users for three months following the release of SmarterWX 2.0 in February 2018).

Planiter is available at The full Planiter solution provides additional functionality such as watch zones, email notifications and development application tracking.

Planiter includes data from a large number of Australian councils but not all. If data is not shown in SmarterWX this is an indication that the area you are looking at is not currently included in Planiter.

– Planiter was added at SmarterWX 2.0