SmarterWX allows you to download your search results as a datafile for use in other applications such as Microsoft Excel or MapInfo Professional. To download your search results simply click on the “Export Data” icon shown at the top of the Search Results list.


Selecting Export Data will show a dialog asking you which features you would like to download and the file format to save the data to. The feature type selector is set based on the current “Type” options set on the search filter.

For the file format you can choose between Esri Shapefile, MapInfo TAB File, KML File or CSV File (NB the CSV File option returns the data attributes only with no spatial data).

When you have selected your options click on the “Export Data” button. After a few seconds the button will change to display “Download File”. Click on the button again to download the file to your computer.

TIP: Remember that downloaded data can become out-of-date very quickly – for the most up-to-date information you should always check back in SmarterWX.