SmarterWX allows you to display data in external GIS applications that support the GeoServices REST Specification, such as ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro.

The SmarterWX GIS API is expected to be called by an application that understands how to work with token-based security with GeoServices REST services. The explanation below is of a technical nature and is intended for someone with experience of integrating GIS services.

The root of the SmarterWX services directory can be found at<token>.

This end-point is secured using a token service so you will need to request a token in order to access the services directory. To access the token service follow the link to the Server Info endpoint at

If you are testing this manually, you will want to request a token directly using the token endpoint.<your-smarterwx-username>&password=<your-smarterwx-password>

Once you have a token, accessing the services directory will show a Feature Service for each of the SmarterWX organisations that you have access to. For example, is a Feature Service for accessing Jemena Gas data.

Each feature service contains a set of layers. For a feature service for any organisation other than your own, the available layers are: –

  • Layer 0 – Projects
  • Layer 1 – Exclusion Zones

For your own organisation additional layers are available.

  • Layer 2 – Opportunities
  • Layer 3 – Exclusion Zone Conflicts

If you are an Organisation Admin or Publisher, you can also access layers for Staged (or unpublished) data.

  • Layer 4 – Staged Projects
  • Layer 5 – Staged Exclusion Zones
  • Layer 6 – Staged Opportunities
  • Layer 7 – Staged Exclusion Zone Conflicts

This feature was added at SmarterWX Release 1.2.