It is our recommendation that old/historic projects are not removed from your SmarterWX uploads at this time. We intend to improve the handling of project removal in a future update.

It is tempting to look at projects where the end date is more than a year in the past and consider removing them from your next upload, however, we recommend against this as it may cause some unwanted behaviours. For example:

  • Users with an Area of Interest including the project location will receive a notification;
  • Users with a Watch of the project will be notified of the deletion;
  • Opportunity conversation messages and notes will be lost;
  • Project savings can still be reported on but can no longer be edited or viewed individually;
  • Opportunities will be deleted and the related party will be notified of the deletion.

Improvements to the handling of old project removal is on our development team’s list for consideration in a release in early 2018.