After you register an account, you will be guided through the essential set-up steps needed to start managing your enquiries and collating any asset owners’ responses with SmarterWX Locate.

Step 1 – Complete your profile

Tell us about you. We require your company name, but would like to know about your role, the company you work for, and expected DBYD enquiry volumes. You may optionally load a profile photo here as well.

➔ Enter your details, then click next to continue.

Step 2 – Link DBYD (1100) with SmarterWX

SmarterWX Locate collates DBYD responses for you, so you can cut your admin time and focus on higher value activities. To achieve this, you must link DBYD (1100) with SmarterWX Locate. Dial Before You Dig (1100) is the free national referral service used to lodge dig enquiries. If you don’t have a DBYD account, you need to register before you can complete this step.

  1. Go to DBYD (1100), log in and then click Account

    Dial Before You Dig Australia 1100 Account
    Note you will find Account (1100 Account Icon) in the top right corner.

    We recommend opening in a new browser window.
  2. Enter your new SmarterWX email address

    All that’s needed is to type your easy-to-remember personalised SmarterWX Locate email address into the 1100 Account dialog box to link 1100 with SmarterWX.

    SmarterWX Locate Personal Email Address
  3. Return to SmarterWX and check the box to continue

    Once you have returned to SmarterWX, check the box to let the app know you have updated 1100 with your unique SmarterWX email address. SmarterWX performs an 1100 verification check and you may then click next to proceed.

    I updated my email in 1100 checkbox

    ➔ Check the box and click next to continue.

    I followed the instructions, but don’t see the next button

    If you don’t see a next button after entering your details, please wait a minute. If the app doesn’t update, please return to DBYD (1100) and confirm your new email address was saved successfully in the Account dialog box. Then return to Step 3 above.

Step 3 – Authorise SmarterWX

SmarterWX Locate needs your DBYD (1100) credentials to fetch and display information about your enquiries, including showing your dig sites and asset owners’ responses on the map.

➔ Enter your DBYD (1100) username and password

That’s it, you are done.

Well done, you completed the essential onboarding steps and are ready to create your first enquiry with SmarterWX Locate. Be sure to let us know what you think after using the app.

I don’t have a DBYD (1100) account

Dial Before You Dig (1100) is Australia’s national referral service used to lodge dig enquiries. It’s free to register and essential to have a DBYD account if you want to use this service.

Visit DBYD to register your account now