If you are Project owner or Exclusion Zone owner, you may receive Reminder Emails. These emails are sent as the start or end date of a project nears to give you plenty of opportunity to identify last minute opportunities to collaborate and to ensure savings information is entered into SmarterWX.

There are three types of reminder emails you can expect to receive.

  1. Your Projects Starting Soon
    You will receive this reminder around seven weeks before a project is due to start. This gives you the chance to update any incorrect information and identify short-term collaboration opportunities  or conflicts with projects from other organisations.
  2. Your Opportunities Starting Soon
    You will receive this reminder around seven weeks before an opportunity start date. This lets you complete any discussions with the other party in the run up to the opportunity.
  3. Your Projects Passing their End Date
    You will receive this reminder shortly after the end date for your project passes, if the status of the project is not CLOSED or ABANDONED. This reminder informs you that your project has now got inconsistent data as it showing past the end date but not yet complete. You can use this reminder to correct the inconsistent in the uploaded data.