After you register an account, and complete the essential onboarding steps, you are ready to begin creating and managing Before You Dig enquiries and responses with SmarterWX Locate.

Until you create your first enquiry, your search map will appear empty. That’s because there are no dig sites available to explore. Create an enquiry to verify everything is working.

First, how does your company create enquiries?

My company has paid access to create enquiries in SmarterWX Locate
My company creates enquiries through Before You Dig (1100)

To create your first enquiry from SmarterWX Locate, you must have this paid feature enabled. You must also have an agreement to use the One Call Create Enquiry API. Learn more about how to create new enquiries or enable the create enquiry feature.

➔ Lodge an enquiry via SmarterWX Locate

Create your first enquiry via Before You Dig (1100)

To create your first enquiry, visit the Before You Dig (1100) website, login, and follow the prompts to create a dig enquiry.

➔ Lodge an enquiry via Before You Dig (1100)

Your created enquiry will appear in SmarterWX Locate after a few moments. Refresh the page to see your dig site appear on the search map. Click on the enquiry, then click view details to see details of the enquiry and a full list of asset owners and the status of their responses. As asset owners respond with their asset maps, you will find the responses linked.