An Area of Interest is a region the user would like to receive updates on any planned works. Any user in the system can define one or multiple areas of interest.

Any projects or exclusion zones that are added, updated or removed from the area of interest will be notified to the user.

Area of Interest

Adding an Area of Interest

Start by clicking the AOIs button  AOI Button on the menu bar. And then click on the “+” (add) button on the Areas of Interest list.

Add Area of Interest Button

You then draw your area of interest on the map. You can use the map search and zoom tools to get to the area you are wanting to monitor.

Once you have drawn the shape defining your area of interest you will be prompted to Name the Interest Area and set the From and To dates.

The From and To Dates refer to any overlapping projects/exclusion zones. For example if you set your Area of Interest for 1-Jan-2018 to 31-Dec-2018 and a project is created with dates 1-Dec-2018 to 28-Feb-2019 this will be considered a match and you will be notified.

AOI Dialog