My Feed

Selecting “My Feed” from the toolbar presents you with four lists of your own personal items in SmarterWX.

  1. My Activity – the activity feed is a history of all the events that have occurred that are directly relevant to you. These include projects added to an Area of Interest, updates to exclusion zones that you are Watching, new opportunities being created and so on. The activity feed will generally be reflected in the emails you receive from SmarterWX.
  2. My Opportunities – This is the list of Opportunities that have been found for projects where you are the project owner. You can remove Opportunities from your list by Archiving them: to archive an opportunity open the details view and select the Archive button.
  3. My Conflicts – This is the list of Exclusion Zone Conflicts that been found either for your projects or  exclusion zones where you are the project owner.
  4. My Watches – This is the list of watches that you have added to projects or  exclusion zones.

Unlike Search, the opportunity and conflict lists only display items directly related to projects or exclusion zones where you are the project owner. To see opportunities or conflicts for other people within your organisation use the Search function. You cannot see opportunities or conflicts owned by other organisations.