By default SmarterWX gives your users the option to display projects, opportunities etc on either a satellite or street map. An additional configuration option allows the Organisation Administrator to define a custom map to be displayed instead of the satellite or street map.

When a custom map is configured an  option will appear in the map settings panel at the bottom of the map with your organisation avatar as the icon. This is useful for when you want to display SmarterWX information alongside your own organisation’s private mapping data.

Custom Map Selector

To use the custom map option you should first of all configure a “web map” in ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online will allow you to include multiple layers in your map including mapping services such as WMS or data from a KML file. Your map can include custom popups, additional boundaries, a custom tiled map of your area of operation and many more items. (TIP: Avoid adding too much to the map as it can confuse your users when viewing it alongside the SmarterWX data).

For your users to be able to access your map it is important to consider the permissions on the layers and map being chosen as the custom map. Your user needs to be able to access the map and the data layers contained in the map.

Once your map is setup in ArcGIS Online you need to find the Web Map ID. When viewing the web map in ArcGIS Online the ID is shown in the location bar at the top of your browser. (Further information on finding the Web Map ID can be found on Esri’s GeoNet).

WebMap ID


You are now ready to configure your custom map in SmarterWX.

Start by selecting the Organisation Settings option from your user menu (this option is only available to Organisation Administrators) and then scroll down in the settings to the WebMap section.

The ID for your web map from the previous step should be pasted in the Web Map ID box.

Settings “Show as Default” to Yes will cause your custom map to be shown by default for all users in your organisation. Setting it to No means that your users will need to choose the custom map from the map settings area.

Clicking Save Webmap will store the details of your custom map; you can remove the custom map by choosing Delete Webmap.

The Access ID and Secret Key fields are optional. This is an advanced feature where you can configure an Application Login to restrict access to your map and map data. Setting up an Application Login is described in the ArcGIS Online Developer’s guide. The Client ID and Client Secret should be copied into the Access ID and Secret Key boxes respectively. NB The Secret Key will not be displayed after being saved – it is treated as a password and stored securely.


This feature was added at SmarterWX v1.2.