SmarterWX allows you to define a collection of Favourite Searches that you can quickly select to jump to a location or set your search filters.

To add a Favourite Search, click on the Favourites button at the far-left of the search bar.

Favourite Searches


Clicking on “Add New Favourite” will pop open a dialog asking you to select a name for your Favourite. Enter a name and click save.

Favourite Dialog

Select the “Default” checkbox if you would like this favourite to open up automatically whenever you login to SmarterWX.

Once you’ve saved your Favourites you access them by clicking on the Favourites button on the search bar.

Favourite Selector

To delete a favourite, click the X.

By default your initial search extent is your organisation’s operating extent. If you would like to jump back to this click the home button located in the top-right hand corner of the map.