The Live Connect matching rules are no different to the standard upload matching rules.

The matching rules tell SmarterWX how you would like it to find opportunities and exclusion zone conflicts for your organisation. These rules will be applied to all projects and exclusion zones in your dataset against all live data that has been published by other organisations.

The opportunity rules define how two projects will be classified as matching and therefore creating opportunities and sending emails to your users.

The conflict rules define how a project and exclusion zone will be classified as matching and therefore creating exclusion zone conflicts and sending emails to your users.

Note: Given that your organisation could have different matching rules from other organisations, opportunities are not always created for both parties. For example, if you have a distance buffer of 50 metres and an overlapping organisation has a distance buffer of only 10 metres, you might have more opportunities created with their projects than they have with yours. For this reason never assume that the other organisation has seen the opportunities that you’ve been presented with.

Once you have configured the matching rules, you can continue and configure the Synchronisation Settings.