Administrator Highest level of access within the system. The user has access to all areas within SmarterWX and can perform all tasks

Areas of InterestAny user in the system can define multiple areas of interest. Any projects or exclusion zones that are added, updated or removed from the area of interest will be notified to the user

Construction Projects – this is the plan of future works describing the location of the works and when the project will commence

Exclusion ZonesAn Exclusion Zone represents a place and time where an embargo has been placed on street works. This could represent a parade, fun run or street market. Organisations should plan their works around these exclusions

Live Connect – Process used to automatically load projects and exclusion zones by creating a connection to your GIS web services. You define a schedule for Live Connect such that data will be synchronised on a regular basis

Opportunities An opportunity is created when two or more Construction Projects have been planned for the same place and time period. This provides an opportunity for the parties to collaborate saving time, money and disruption

Planiter™ – A third-party solution that gathers information on Development Applications from local governments. Planiter data can be displayed within SmarterWX as a premium subscription service

Project Owner – Owner of project

PublisherSecond highest level of access within the SmarterWX system. Can perform both Publisher and User level tasks

SavingsWhere an opportunity has led to the parties saving money, each of the projects records their estimated savings in the application. This allows for reporting by the participating organisations and the governing bodies

Search – Users can search across all projects, exclusion zones and opportunities to explore what works have been proposed. This allows them to seek out opportunities to collaborate with other organisations

User – Lowest level of access within the system. These users can perform only User level tasks

Watches – A user can choose to watch a project, exclusion zone or opportunity. After a watch has been saved, the user will be notified whenever a change is made

WorkspaceA workspace is used by publishers in an organisation to upload, verify and analyse a new dataset prior to making the data live