The Organisation Settings page allows you to make changes that affect the way your organisation is seen by other users (the organisation profile) and the way data and maps are displayed in SmarterWX.


Update Organisation Settings


All of your projects, exclusion zones, conversation messages will be displayed to other users showing an avatar representing your organisation’s logo.

  • To change the logo click the avatar in the top right corner of the page

Note: The avatar is the circle with letter(s) inside – By default it usually contains the first letter of the organisation’s name.


The primary contact for your organisation is the user who will receive system emails such as a notification that one of your user’s email address is not working.

  • To change the primary contact, select the user from the drop down box.

The primary contact must have the role of Organisation Administrator.


Custom fields allow you to upload additional data that will be shown on your projects or exclusion zones. Read more about custom fields and how to configure them in this help topic.


The custom web map allows you to show your own organisation’s web map underneath the data in SmarterWX. Read about the custom web map and how to configure it in this help topic.


The Application API Logins feature is used when you are developing custom integrations with SmarterWX. This is an advanced feature and more information can be found here.