Live Connect allows you to schedule on-going imports of your projects and exclusion zone data using ArcGIS Feature Services. This is beneficial because it allows you to connect directly to your projects and exclusion zones source data. As such, as you add/update/delete data from your source data, SmarterWX reflects these changes each time your Live Connect is synchronised.

Note: Only Administrators and Publishers are able to configure Live Connect.

The Live Connect feature is located within the My Data page:

  1. Click the Data button  located on the top banner.
  2. Click the Live Connect button  inside the left-hand sidebar, this will launch the Live Connect configuration page.

There are a number of steps required to configure Live Connect, they are detailed below:

  1. Establish an ArcGIS Server Connection
  2. Configure Projects and/or Exclusion Zones
  3. Set Matching Rules
  4. Set Synchronisation Rules

Once your Live Connect has been fully configured, you can publish the new configuration.

Some important things to note when publishing a new Live Connect:

  • Unless you have specified Once as the Sync Frequency, your Live Connect will be scheduled to run in the next 2am – 5am (AEST) time slot available, based on your settings. As an example, if you chose to have your sync run each week on a Wednesday and the day is currently Friday, your next sync time slot will be the upcoming Wednesday next week. If you selected Once, your Live Connect will sync immediately after you publish, but will not be re-scheduled to sync again.
  • Each time a Live Connect is synchronised, it generates a new Workspace. It is important to understand this difference in terminology, in that a Live Connect is a configuration which generates your Workspaces within SmarterWX.

Can I start a Live Connect Synchronisation manually?

Yes. If you have important data updates, you do not need to wait for your next scheduled run of your Live Connect configuration.

  1. As an Administrator or Publisher, click the Data button  located in the top banner.
  2. This page will show you your current published data. Open the workspace menu by clicking the menu button .
  3. If you have a Live Connect configuration published, you will have the Sync Now option available. Click the button to initiate a synchronisation.